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Helpful Thoughts: Thoughts to make you feel better

In general, your mood causes you to have certain thoughts. If you are in a good mood, you will have good thoughts. If you are in a bad mood, you will have bad thoughts.

This has all kinds of consequences, such as being in a bad mood with bad thoughts, not wanting to help other people and not being open to new contacts to get information, for example. In a good mood with good thoughts, you do want this[1].

Most of us live unconsciously and only think about completing a project, strategy, taking children to school or business and so on. We live continuously rushed and stressed with thoughts from the past, in fear, worry, suffering and condemnation. Sometimes these are bad thoughts. Unfortunately, this is not a mindset for growth, rejuvenation and recovery. These emotions actually reduce your creation energy and affect the aging process.

This also shows right away the law of creation. If you have a good vibe, or frequency, then you make new connections and can gather more information than if you have a bad vibe, with lower frequencies. Also, a good vibe ensures growth and recovery. Those new human connections and information you can gather will in turn give you additional opportunities for success, making it easier to achieve/create your goals, than if you are in a bad mood with bad thoughts.

A simple question you can ask yourself, “Is this thought true or is it something from the past and that’s why I feel so bad? Because if you give in to this stimulus it will give the same results in your life that you always got. They are old circuits that come from those powerful feelings that your brain activates that keep you thinking and reacting in the same way.

Changing thoughts for a different mood

In the above example, it seems like you can’t do anything about your thoughts and are actually a bit at the mercy of your mood. Fortunately, this is not the case, because you can conjure up certain thoughts yourself.

So-called helping thoughts.

Indeed, in the study in which the above conclusion was drawn, participants’ mood is induced with a suggestion. A narrative with emotionally charged words.

You can also give that suggestion to yourself. For example, you can start the day with gratitude in order to get into a better mood right away, so you will have more helpful thoughts.

For example, you can start your day by thinking of 5 things you are grateful for.

In fact, gratitude is the ultimate state of your manifestation.

Helping other people to help yourself

Another way to get more helping thoughts is by helping other people or colleagues at work. Among other things, this helps your mood, and thus your frequency. In addition, although it can be slightly tiring at times, you then naturally start to help yourself more to get ahead at work[2].

A simple exercise is to really open your heart to your colleagues, collaborative partner, family or friends, look them straight in the eye and be present with your whole being. Really listening to the other person. Being grateful that you and he or she are alive and really feeling this. Being sincerely interested in the other person and willing to actually want to help the other person, without self-centered thoughts or needs. This will strengthen your state of being and it has a healing effect. Ask yourself, ‘What can I give. How can I help? On the contrary, this does not have to be material, but think of your energy, love or something along the lines that the other person needs, whether business or personal.

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Use your intention

You can start your day with gratitude, but you can also (or thereby) start your day with an intention. For example, you think about what you want to see, feel, do and experience that day.

This helps you get into a certain mindset so that you get helping thoughts faster.

In addition, you can also combine intention with other people.

You can help others and you can let others help you. Gathering people who share the same goals as you can make it easier to get helpful thoughts.

You can set a certain intention together and this will absolutely have far-reaching consequences. Among other things, this will help you become more focused on the goals you want to achieve and improve relationships with those people[3].

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Petra is a researcher, author, business consultant and personal coach. Her expertise is in the area of coaching and ironclad life laws in relation to the workings of the brain and the quantum field.




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