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Generating alpha waves: brain waves quantum meditation

Meditating is incredibly popular, but why does meditating feel so good anyway? This has everything to do with the influence meditation can have on your brain activity and the brain waves it can activate, such as alpha wave generation. This means you can go past your analytical mind and change any negative programs into positive ones.

If you use this intelligently, you can use meditation to create your ideal life. I also call this “quantum meditation. First, I’ll explain to you exactly what meditation is. We as human beings are influenced by what we hear and see in the media, the news, on the radio and take away from the beliefs of other persons. We are convinced that THAT is the real world, but what happens when you look differently? Now what if I tell you that our inner self is the real world and it created the external world as it is?

Your neocortex (thinking brain) must continuously integrate information from outside, so anything your senses pick up from the external world, that’s what makes your brain wave faster (beta state). This causes you to believe that the outside world is the real world. That’s why I often advise people to meditate and teach them. Meditating is simply closing your eyes and consciously turning your attention inward. It’s as simple as that.


Let’s start with the basics, which are the brainwaves you can fuel with meditation and what they then do for you.

Normally your brain is in a beta or gamma state, such as when you are active. This helps you perform tasks, recall memories and move your body. Many people are always analyzing, that is, critically judging between positive and negative, right and wrong or imagining what could happen or not happen…. You then live in a high beta state.

In fact, by doing so, you create disjointed patterns and imbalance. Indeed, when you are constantly analyzing, you remove yourself further and further from your creative power, that is, further away from the operating system of your subconscious.

When you become more relaxed, as with meditation, your brain waves change to the alpha state. Then you can enter the operating system of the subconscious mind and start reprogramming.

At this level, the brain will naturally become increasingly organized into coherent patterns. This is also the state you have before you go to sleep, but when you are still relaxed in bed. This state also helps you with your focus and thoughts.

With even deeper relaxation, your brain enters the beta state. You also have that state in brake sleep, which is the sleep in which you dream[1]. Some people can also achieve this state when they meditate without sleeping.

The delta state is also a very relaxed state of mind, which you also achieve when you take an afternoon nap, for example (source 1). Some people can also achieve this state with meditation.

Those “states” represent the frequencies in which your brain releases electrical signals. This can be measured with EEG equipment.

Generating alpha waves

So, generating alpha waves can be done by relaxing. If you are relaxed, you can work with your subconscious in that state. And in the beta state, you can also work with the encodings of your environment. In your mind, you can then change how you interpret your environment. For example, this is also what dreams can do for you, but so you can also consciously work with your thoughts and thought patterns so that you can change your thought patterns.

By the way, research also shows that audio can help you get into the alpha state. These should then be binaural beats of between 370 Hz and 380 Hz. You then have to put on headphones because they have to alternate from one ear to the other. Otherwise, it is not effective. With those sounds, you can meditate and generate alpha waves within three minutes[1].

Essential to know is that if you can meditate well it will help you solve problems. For this you do not even have to enter the alpha state[2].

As meditating gets better and better, the alpha state can help you get into the beta state. For this, mindfulness meditation, focusing on the here and now, is the easiest to learn and use. It is important to prepare yourself mentally for the meditation so that you do not get distracted and therefore do not get into the state you want to get into.

In the process, this also helps you with brain plasticity, pruning synaptic connections and sprouting new ones. That is, the brain is impressionable. It’s about being able to change your thoughts[3]. This is where real change can happen.

So it is helpful to have a goal for which you want to meditate.

What is interesting is that if you can get into the thèta state with meditation, it allows you to detach yourself from feelings, place and time[4]. You have an energetic connection to everything around you, think of people you know, the places you go, where you work, everything you own.

We also call this an information field. This field that ties everything together goes beyond time and place. This is where the MultiLaw of energy applies. What you focus your attention on is where your energy flows. So you understand that it flows away from you.

So when you detach yourself from the external world through meditation, you enter a state where you call all the energy back to yourself. And that gives enough energy to create something new. I also call this state “pure consciousness.

What do you do when you are in that state?

When you are meditating and in the state where you can connect well with your subconscious (and the quantum field), you can apply the quantum part or the MultiLaw part, to ignite your creative power . This means you can tune into the possibility of something new in your life, that which you desire.

The beauty is that when you have detached yourself from your idea of your ego, place and time, the opportunity arises to look at your life unbiasedly and imagine how it could also be. You can use your pure consciousness to explore other possibilities for your life and determine if that is what is for you or not.

For example, you get a thought or a certain image in front of you and then you can feel whether it feels good or not. When you feel at one with that new thought, energy is released to create something new.

You notice this because it feels very good, for example, and you indeed feel energy and motivation to achieve that image you imagined or imagined during the meditation.

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