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Do you have the guts to take control? 3 tips for you!

Dear Reader!

Gain knowledge: learn how to use your thoughts efficiently and make choices that are important to you. By the way, this works very effectively both professionally and privately. I regularly experience with clients that this very thing is one of the bigger struggles they are struggling with. Making choices.

Last few weeks I have been busy with my book. Note: in my head, because little ended up coming out of my hands in terms of writing. I need to start deleting from chapters. Hm and yes I find this very difficult, because everything is important isn’t it? At least I thought so. Well, I have to start making choices.

Last Sunday I went to a writers’ day with many inspiring writers, participants, publishers and workshops. Here I have gained many insights into how notto write! In addition, I applied the fascinating tips below just as well again so that I successfully resolved my emerging writer’s block and can continue writing again.

Below I briefly remind you how this works:

  • All the energy in and around us is directing and amplifying what your attention is focused on. Whatever you think, whatever you feel that you create. What are you thinking about now? I was nl only thinking about my writer’s block. Because of my wrong focus, this obstacle multiplied and grew.
  • There is only now: letting go is valuable; letting go every day and forgiving, so that you can create ever more clearly in the now consciously. I was stuck in the past. What about you?
  • Focus on what you are all grateful for, this will strengthen and multiply. It is invisible and hard for many people to fathom, but energy strengthens, multiplies, bonds and creates…My focus on writer’s block created frustration.
  • By the way, gratitude really is the best life insurance policy. It is an unexpected force! Just do it.

Also, I hereby refer to an earlier blog of mine: 3 tips on creating that every person should know and cherish!You will experience how much this knowledge, once applied, will ultimately benefit you. Click here.


Challenge reader question c.q. case study:

Please direct your attention to the following. For a while I have been struggling with the question “when will my intentions come to life?” Also, I don’t understand what you mean in your book by absolute right.

Every morning I affirm with beautiful words. In addition, I imagine an accompanying thought. Of course I try to be optimistic and confident, but it all takes so long. Am I forgetting something?

Also, I quote from your book:

“By absolute (quantum) law in this is meant: if we are connected to our true (universal self) and truths, have fully applied everything and act and live in accordance, our intentions, images and desires will manifestly come alive in absolute speed.”

Solution or explanation:

First, everything consists of energy: what you can and cannot perceive. Science also agrees. You might want to delve into science and investigate the teachings of quantum physics.

By absolute I mean that energy is a flowing direct force. It is an ongoing process. That which corresponds to each other creates a new situation. Everything in between (e.g. doubt, disbelief, ego (low frequencies)) and does not match each other, will slow down and block the creation process.

Second, I recommend applying “the law of inner work.” Take a scan of your inner self. This is essential. What flows by. Think about your critical mind, deep feelings, beliefs. Do these work in opposition (out of lack) or supportively?

Take time to reflect. Write down what you encounter. Also, study to understand the laws. Look especially at the subtler laws, in addition to absolute quantum law. Click here to order the book!

However, in the above case study, the solution again lies a layer deeper than your awareness of the present. The power of words and images (thoughts) alone are not powerful enough. You do create, just slower with delay. It is best to check with yourself and discover how your (previous) beliefs and feelings are. How is your feeling cq vibrational frequency? Feeling is the most important item. Furthermore, it is very important to trust and be patient. Everything comes when you are ready and have room for it.

Tip of the hat:

Life always responds consistently to what you express and is especially passionately interested in your feelings. How cool is that?

Good luck and take good care of yourself, you are precious!



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