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Do you ever struggle with inspiration?

Dear Reader,

Do you ever struggle with inspiration?

Well I do … Rules are wonderful, especially when they work in your favor. Applying Quantum (success) laws and experimenting gives me inspiration. As well as studying research and publications on how our brain works and delving into quantum physics. Every year I purchase a written law collection. Just looking at this bundle gives me inspiration. Why?

Written laws and success laws are both about laws and consequences of applying or not applying rules. Written laws and unwritten laws are both part of a legal system. Quantum (success) laws are about the legal system of the cosmos. These laws keep everything moving and rule the entire world. It is about invisible laws of our creating life force. These laws always work! By applying these laws you work toward full growth and alignment with your inner power or creative power. You learn to understand reality and that joy, vitality and happiness is your natural state.

Success laws can give you inspiration and have a huge impact on your life

These laws are open to all. When I began seriously studying these laws 20 years ago, I had never estimated the impact of this life change. Life is enriched, fulfilled, positively changed. Life has become much simpler, more inspiring and easier.

How do I get inspiration?

Just studying something about the quantum or laws of life again, I immediately get inspired to continue working on my new book or pick up other things. In fact, through these laws you learn to explore the spiritual aspects of our existence. This always gets me very excited. Deepen and learn from our inner workings and potential: based on vibrant laws. These laws support us in (business) life and provide awareness and proper focus.

What choice would you make?

It is important to realize that you can choose to use these laws yourself. In whatever way you want. If you choose to create the same thing over and over again and remain stuck in old events, you will not move forward. When you consciously choose to create an inspiring new reality, you are supported by the laws of success, and new beautiful experiences come into your life.

One of my clients gave me wonderful feedback. She told me the following:

I made more and more contact with my inner wealth.In a short time, I learned to make profound changes in my business and living conditions myself. Did I get inspiration so I met my goals. I just needed this nudge. I am amazed that we leave so much hidden potential and energy.

It’s as simple as that.

Another thing that can help you get more inspiration is to ask yourself questions. Asking yourself questions helps you move forward, gives you the right insight or growth, and you learn to pause to appreciate the small successes correctly.

The questions below are always very helpful to me:

  • What achievement am I most proud of?
  • About which quality did I become more confident.
  • What could be better?
  • What makes me happy?
  • Is there anything I can do differently?
  • Am I doing things the right way?
  • Am I really getting everything out of myself?

Finally, affirmation

Saying positive suggestions to yourself is a start to pave the way for a change. In fact, you are talking to your subconscious. You say as it were, I know I can take charge of changing myself. You can also get more inspiration through affirmations. Sometimes an affirmation may sound unnatural or untrue at first, however: always keep in mind that positive suggestions work the same as planting a seed. You need to trust the growth process and be patient. There is no sudden full plant.

What I always get inspiration from: turning my critical voice into positive affirmations. Especially in front of the mirror, this works excellently.

‘I feel great and I’m getting more and more inspired. I am ready to receive inspiration. All is well.

Take care of yourself!


Petra M.C. van den Berg

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