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Conditioning: condition your brain for happiness and success

A while ago I had a conversation with a client who said, “You never know what will come your way. This statement is a result of conditioning. Because if you apply the right MultiLaw (MultiLaws are laws that lead you to growth and happiness) properly, you condition yourself precisely so that you do know what is coming your way. After all, you have already felt it, inwardly experienced it and planned it.

What does the law of condonation say?

This law says that a conditioning will always follow and reflect you in your life. It is an absolute law. That is, a conditioning immediately generates associations and memories, and also immediately produces a corresponding effect in your life. You look into your life from your conditioning, that is, through glasses, and this determines how you see reality. This law also implies that you can be limited by conditioning because you have identified yourself with it, making it unnecessarily difficult for yourself.

Every new event you experience is often associated with the past. You are conditioned to react in the same way as in the past every time. Because of this, the past continually comes back for a tap on your shoulder: “Hi, I’m here too! You understand that when you have processed the past and have been able to change certain conditioning, you can react much more alertly to certain events in the now and be sharper on what you want to create.

This law also says that we can change any conditioning, by starting to consciously look at yourself. It is a shame that we make things so complicated in our lives, when living in line with laws of success causes many shortcuts. You can then achieve a positive result much faster. These laws have guided me personally for many years, and I know from experience that the law of least action combined with the law of conditioning is always in effect. By the way, the law of least action is as efficient as nature: with the least amount of effort, you can achieve results. Then you must be willing to dive into the silence and depth of your mind and dare to look at yourself. It is our birthright to live with each other in bliss and love.

Where does conditioning come from?

From the moment you are born, conditioning takes place. Because of the way your caregivers interact with you, you develop certain thoughts about events. You also come to believe in that which you hear a lot around you, for example, from reports you hear in the media or that you have read, or from what you have heard from teachers and friends. You can also be conditioned by your experiences. For example, if you had an unpleasant experience at school or if you were bullied as a child. You can also become conditioned by advertisements and political and social beliefs.

You learn through past experiences, information you receive and through beliefs. As humans, we normally allow opinions and beliefs to emerge, but in fact they are relics and pop-ups of the past and DNA of your parents and ancestors. Consider their ingrained beliefs. Explanatory models of the Vedic wisdom traditions also call it “karmic impressions.

It is like a cassette tape, playing repetitively, transmitting the same message over and over again. Only you yourself have the capacity to overwrite the cassette tape and thereby change your automatic program.

Thus, you may be conditioned that the future cannot be predicted. That you will always suffer from unexpected events or that you will always have bad luck. You can also condition your body to get sick. So conditioning controls your whole life and affects all the results you are achieving now. Changing just this belief, that is, your old conditioning, can already make a huge effect and difference in the results you create in your present life, in any area.

If you believe that you will always have bad luck, that is also what you are going to see and experience, you are even contributing to it.

In fact, conditioning also has to do with your behavior. If you do something and you get positive feedback, you’re going to do it more often. If you do something and you get negative feedback, you are going to stop doing it[1].

The culture you grow up in also provides a certain amount of conditioning. Depending on behavioral norms in a culture, you will receive positive or negative feedback depending on what you do[2].

Conditioning of the body

It’s not just in the head that causes us to get stuck in conditioning. Unconsciously, we set up the body so that the body rules our lives. The body is so unconsciously powerfully conditioned that it brings us to an always the same future. This is because all memories and automatic programs are stored in the body’s cellular memory.

Let me give you an example of myself. Years ago, I wanted to stop starting with coffee first thing in the morning. Indeed, for years I woke up every morning with automatically the same unconscious behavior and action: coffee. My body had become so good at anticipating this morning act that while I had stopped, the body was still unconsciously and automatically running to the coffee maker. Despite having a very different intention, my body was so strongly conditioned that it still took the reigns to keep following the same routine. The coffee didn’t even taste good to me anymore….

But the good news is that we can practice conditioning the body in such a way that it resonates with the future you desire. You can unlearn automatic habits. You learn to place your attention on a new event and make the right choices that support your desired event. Then you make a plan for yourself, about how you want to be and how you want to behave and what decisions you need to make to become part of the new event. You can do this through quantum meditation.

Clumsy conditioning

I wrote that the culture you grow up in also gives you a certain amount of conditioning. This in itself is still relatively logical conditioning, but unfortunately you can also get more negative conditioning, such as:

That you can only be happy with money.

That you are not good enough.

That you are fat and always will be.

That you are stupid.

This is incredibly unfortunate, because this kind of conditioning is a brake on your own development and on your feelings of happiness and success. This creates fears and therefore you don’t take action when an opportunity for happiness or other success presents itself.

You may not even see that opportunity because of this, because you are no longer looking for it. Perhaps you are so conditioned that you think opportunities don’t produce affection or anything else positive anyway.

Reconditioning yourself

Fortunately, your whole life does not depend on childhood conditioning. You can recondition yourself, resulting in even greater happiness and success. So you choose a belief that resonates with the results you want to achieve.

Research also indicates that when you can be yourself, it often contributes to success and success contributes to being able to be more yourself. Success is often achieved by people working on something they are interested in[3].

So working because you have to is not necessarily going to make you successful.

Working because you enjoy it is going to contribute more to success.

You can condition yourself daily by, for example, meditating daily and visualizing during meditation what you want to achieve in life.

Next, you can also repeat affirmations, such as:

I can achieve everything with pleasure.

Everything I can think of comes to me.

I am good enough, just the way I am.

Opportunities and possibilities are everywhere.

These are examples, when you get coaching in the MultiLaws you can get personal affirmations that will help you with conditioning for achieving your success goals.

Want to learn more about the power of your thoughts and achieving happy success? Please contact me without obligation.




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