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Changing mindset: the key to success

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Your mindset determines the degree of success you achieve in your life. This is a key to success. When you find that you are not achieving your goals, it can cause frustration . It can cause focus on everything that is not going well. You may even notice that you are in a kind of negative cycle. This means that certain recurring thoughts continuously lead to the same choices. The same choices always lead to the same behavior. The same behavior will produce the same experiences. And the same experiences will create the same emotions and those same familiar feelings and emotions will again drive the same thoughts.

It’s very important to be mindful about this, to be aware of this, so that you change your mindset.

The first step for changing your mindset is to become aware of what you don’t like about your own mindset.

What is mindset?

Then it is also helpful to know what mindset is now. Automatic thought processes, emotions and feelings determine your mindset. However, a mindset is also driven by unconscious feelings and emotions. Mindset is actually about your daily thoughts connected to feelings and vice versa. A cycle of thinking and feeling creates your mindset. On what your thoughts automatically focus on. Do those focus on things you are proud of or like about the day, or does your mindset focus on things that are just not going well? And do you think you can change this?

  • Some people enjoy what the day brings.
  • Other people schedule their entire day.

You can imagine that these people already have a very different mindset. For example, the first type of human being sees that the sun is shining, while the second type of human being “sees” it but instead has their attention on planning for the day.

So you can go on endlessly with types of people and the mindset people can have. People who do not feel well often have a mindset about what is wrong, what is not going right and perhaps even what they themselves are doing wrong.

That, of course, will not make you happy in the long run.

Changing mindset by being intentional about it

If you find that you don’t feel good on a daily basis, it may be time to make a conscious effort to change your mindset anyway.

Your change can then cause your thoughts to focus precisely on what is beautiful and good. Instead of what is not going well, see opportunities that will bring you success more quickly. After all, life always responds to your mindset, to who you are.

Success mindset

That brings us to the success mindset, because how do you change your mindset now and what helps you achieve success? Initially, it is important to have the belief that you have it in you to achieve your goals and that intelligence, for example, is not something that is fixed. For example, research shows that students who believed they could learn anything and did not depend on their IQ did more on schoolwork and also did more on their developmental skills than students who did not believe this[1]. You can imagine that those will be useful skills in the future as well.

Research also shows that if you have the mindset of growth and that you can be a lifelong learner, or develop yourself, it makes for more business success[2].

The first step to changing your mindset to a successful mindset is to become aware of the mindset you have now and then change it to a kind of developmental mindset, but without a goal, this is often more uncomfortably said than done.

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