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Career coach: make your thoughts work for you

In this blog, I would like to talk about one of my specialties: executive career coaching. Career coaching is often about your qualities and options you have as a manager and to do more with those qualities. This is indeed important, but for me career coaching is more than that.

After all, your work environment is meant to be an enrichment of your life, rather than a disruption. Therefore, the career coaching I provide is more focused on what makes you happy and where you want to grow in your (business) life. For this you use the PMC’s laws of success.

Career routine

If you find that you are stalling in your career, that you no longer enjoy your work, then something is happening to you energy. You can change that energy by looking for a new position, for example, or by looking at your work in a different way.

What is best for you is something that cannot always be predicted in advance.

For example, you probably have set routines before you go to work in the morning or get started at home. You have these routines physically, waking up, showering, eating breakfast and going and maybe mentally. Thoughts about waking up, thoughts about your work, thoughts about your motivation. This in turn affects your behavior when you get started[1]. This means living a predictable life.

Becoming aware of these kinds of rituals in behavior and thoughts is an effective first step to changing something about your career. For example, if your work is stressful , this can create strategies in your mind that do not help you at all to reduce that stress[2]. By then consciously working with your beliefs and feelings, you can sometimes find out that it is not your work that is stressful, but your reaction to it. Sometimes you also just find out that you need to find another job 😉.

If you cannot find another position so 123, working with your mind to make new brain connections is already a good first step to still find your path to success and less stress in your work and even to enjoy your work again.

Career coach and health

Complaints like burnout are becoming more common. Therefore, in career coaching, it is also important to make sure that your work does not make you sick. Perhaps you sometimes feel that your work is draining your energy. That you get incredibly tired, maybe that happens just from the idea of going to work and dealing with staff or other things that need to be taken care of.

That idea that your work can drain your energy is true. Everyone has what scientists call a biofield[3]. Other people also call this the aura, or the qi; there is now evidence that this kind of energy field does indeed exist. Indeed, the medics are already using these types of energy fields to map your brain activity, for example[4].

This has also been done with people with burnout. This research shows that it is difficult for people with burnout to absorb new information while working on a task.

Very awkward. As a career coach, it is therefore important for me to help you stimulate your brain to make the right connections so that you can choose for yourself, find it easier to set your boundaries, get energy from leadership, and once again see opportunities and possibilities to significantly improve your career without losing it yourself.

To do this, I use the PMCs success laws developed from scientific knowledge as mentioned in this blog.

Want to know more? Contact me.

Warm regards,


[1] Dispenza, J (2007) Evolve Your Brain: The Science of Changing Your Mind.





Petra is a researcher, expert by experience, personal and executive coach. Her expertise is in the area of coaching and success laws in relation to the workings of the brain and the quantum field.

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