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Breaking patterns: how do you do it?

The end of the year is approaching. December is all about closure and going into the new year full of energy. It is dedicated to peace and self-reflection. It was another year of uncertainty and turmoil. It seems as if we have no control over our outside world. The good news is that we can have control over our thoughts and feelings, our inner world. In fact, by reclaiming the power over your inner self, you have a positive effect on the outer world.

In this article, I want to take you into the world of patterns. Because we all have certain patterns or bad habits that we want to get rid of. The more we feel good and happy with good and new patterns, the more doors will open to positively change our current reality. However, most of us are not aware of the underlying patterns they have and especially when it comes to experiencing greater happiness and success. If you know how MultiLaws work and how you can make them work for you, you will find that patterns have an effect, and sooner or later, through a situation or event in your life will come to pass.

The law of patterns.

This law says that every pattern has a consequence in your present life. To make a choice, to do or not to do something or to break a pattern is to take responsibility for your own life. This law also says that everyone has the choice to change something in themselves.

Breaking patterns is often something we want to do when we recognize that there is a particular “bad” pattern in our lives. For example, an addiction is an unhealthy pattern that you would like to break, but it can also be something else. Like a pattern that you always say yes when someone has work for you or asks something of you when you don’t actually have time or energy for it. Taking into account only another person, at some point, comes at the expense of your self. With making the right choice, to break this pattern, you give new direction in the field and take back control.

How do you approach breaking a pattern?

Initially, it may be nice to know that if you manage to break a certain pattern, for example, to change certain behaviors, it will also help you to develop yourself further. You feel yourself growing as a person[1]. Especially if you manage to change behavioral patterns.

Recognizing and breaking patterns

To break a pattern, it is important to recognize a pattern in the first place. For this, mindfulness can be used. With mindfulness, you try to be a little more aware of what you are thinking and doing. You then look more objectively at your behaviors and thoughts and consider the extent to which they help you move forward in the short and long term[2].

This can help you recognize an unhealthy pattern. For example, you can reflect on things you have done and said at calmer times of the day.

Breaking patterns tips

There are several ways you can break patterns, but your thoughts and attentiveness to your feelings are especially important. I will discuss a few tips with you.

Pause, reflect and choose

This one actually goes directly into using mindfulness. Because it is very good to take a moment to look at what you have done, but then you have to choose, therefore, how you will handle a certain situation differently in the future. Making that choice consciously gives you a foothold for when you are triggered to repeat a pattern, to choose something different instead.

Small steps

Small steps will help you break the pattern more easily. To change from a couch potato all at once to an athletic person is very difficult. Instead, you can make your lifestyle increasingly active. So first start with a daily walk and if that feels good start adding fitness exercises a few times a week. This type of step makes the change less overwhelming and gives you a new goal to work toward each time.

You can also do something daily to feel better, for example, such as with meditation or visualizing what you want your life to look like so that taking the steps becomes easier for you.

What effect does an old pattern have?

The law of patterns also says that your reality is created by both your consciousness and subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is responsible for your reality. A reality thus created by old patterns, experiences and ways of thinking! So you see that your subconscious is very strong and dominant and much more powerful than your (10%) consciousness. This is why it is so important to reprogram your subconscious into programs and new patterns that will work for you, especially when you set certain goals. Often we forget about reprogramming; as a result, it takes much longer to reach your goal and you have to work much harder for an enjoyable life.

Every change in your mindset, every new thought and belief that you send (or broadcast) into the field of all possibilities (aka the universe) will create a new reality. In other words, instead of continuously repeating old familiar patterns, you are preparing your brain for a new future.

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Happy holidays and a wonderful, healthy and happy new year, in every way.



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