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Better results by changing your energy.

I recorded a video where I give you a simple extra tip to get better results in your life in a short time by changing your energy.

If you want better results than you’re achieving now, it’s time to put the available potential into action.

When you write down the things you desire and what you want, energy is released. Try to evoke a feeling of joy and gratitude as you write down your desires and goals in life. Click here for information on the law of frequency.

Through this exercise, you will eventually attract other people and new situations that match the signal you are about to send out. From then on, we will only draw situations and people into our lives that match our vibrations.
You are, through writing and feeling, initiating the process of creation. This energy directs you in a certain direction. In this way, you create the path you desire. Because you clearly write down what you want, you yourself take responsibility for your creations and your own life.
In short, you start thinking about who you are and what you want, and as a result, you also get closer to yourself.

By thinking and writing down, you are unconsciously seeding. As a result, you will attract people and new situations into your life that match your energy frequency (information). Others who pick up your energy will bring you, both consciously and unconsciously, into a new situation that supports you in achieving your goals. The right wavelengths match, so to speak, and thus make contact. This will provide you with ideas or resources that will help you achieve what you want.

My conclusion about the law of frequency is: only with our personal energy (mindset) can we create. The energy (information) we carry connects us to others and to situations that vibrate at the same frequency. Once we have met someone or encountered a situation that vibrates at the same frequency, resonance (measuring vibration) occurs. You feel this and you know deep down that it is right then. After this, you will get better results in your life. Resonance thus determines what we have created in our lives or will continue to attract in our lives.

Stay safe and healthy.


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In the coming weeks, I will be offering webinars.
In these webinars you will learn:

  • What these laws of success consist of.
  • How you can make them operative in your life.
  • Integrate these laws into your actions.
  • very practical brain techniques that we apply right away.

You are about to discover how, with the right actions and techniques, you build a beautiful powerful foundation based on confidence and peace.

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Dates: June 13, June 27, July 11.


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Seminar: 'MultiLaws': laws for greater success in business and personal life

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