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An all-encompassing quantum (success) law.

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The quantum (success) law of inner currents

The domain where we can accomplish real changes in life is our inner currents. By inner currents I mean: thoughts, emotions, programmed routines and behaviors, feelings, attitudes, habits, routine reactions, memories and beliefs. In short, your blueprint (or creation plan) that defines your life.

What does this success law say?

This law of success is a derivative of the law of cause and effect and manifestation. However, it is a guiding law that says we attract and create only the kind of energy and situations in our lives that match our inner currents. The law of success defines how you create successful results. It is based on the quantum principle that everything, everyone and every situation projects our inner currents. This law implies that we always influence all aspects of life (beyond space and time) through our thoughts and feelings.

Since all our inner currents are also made up of energy waves and information, we communicate directly with the quantum field. The field of all possibilities where everything also consists of energy waves. I repeat: the quantum field responds exactly to what we are and what is in us. Situations and people who match our inner signals are the ones who consciously or unconsciously connect with us and whom we draw into our lives.

In fact, the whole world is filled with vibrations and energy. Energy is at the core of our existence and this is evidenced in all the scientific literature on the subject and in the research I do myself. Scientists also call energy vibrations strings.

We can draw our own energy

Recent literature shows that we ourselves can draw energy from the larger field. This allows us to change our inner currents.

Experts from a research group led by Dr. Joe Dispenza actually measured the effect of energy retrieval. They used sensitive equipment, called gas discharge visualization, developed by Konstantin Kortkov, for this purpose.

This equipment was used to measure how energy positively changes during a meditation workshop. As people took their attention away from transient reality, disconnected their energetic connections and continuously took their own energy back to the here and now, they built an electromagnetic field. They took back their power, so to speak. As a result, their energy was fully available to create new experiences in life. That is also why I give so many tips on meditating.

Energy moves within us, around us, outside us, near us, far from us. That is why this law is so pervasive. It is such a powerful law of success because it is so all-encompassing and cuts across all time and space.

Suppose you are thinking about someone and at the same time you get a message from this person. While that person lives very far away. This is an example of our inner currents beyond time and space cutting across everything. The moment you think of someone you are making energetic contact. By energetically, I mean that you are connecting on the non-visible, however, on the most important level.

It is a comprehensive law

It is an all-encompassing law of success because it says everything about how we think, act and feel.

Everything you own and see in your life, whatever situation you find yourself in, you have created by your inner currents themselves. You are the only person who can change this.

Suppose you have a business with a particular product and service. Your way of doing business attracts a certain group of clients, colleagues and suppliers. As an entrepreneur, you attract situations in your life that match the specific thoughts of your business or organization. Everything is an element of the whole. Everything reinforces each other and creates one and the same language that determines what happens in your organization and life. So, you will understand that by adjusting your inner currents, you can create a much sharper and more powerful business.

An inspiration

‘Every human being is surrounded by a sphere of thought. By this force we attract or repel. Kind seeks kind… We attract that which is in our minds. – Ernest Holmes

Source :

There exists in the universe a power beyond you, and you can use that power! Dr. Holmes was the first in the twentieth century to practice this thesis. Thanks to Holmes, countless others have become aware of the invisible potential and have been able to optimize their (business) lives.

Finally, 3 tips on how you can apply this law of success immediately:

  • Engage in keen self-examination and self-analysis. Write down what you see in your outside world. Does this match your thinking and beliefs in your inner world? What you don’t like you write down. Accept and accept these stagnations. Take responsibility for these situations that don’t go the way you want.
  • Then you say to yourself: what do I need to adjust in myself that has caused these circumstances? What in me causes things to not go the way I actually want them to? Assume that only you can adjust your inner currents (thoughts and beliefs). Through the fixed routine of your thinking, you continuously create your own life. What changes do you need in your mindset to improve a specific aspect of your life?
  • Finally, you look at the things that do go well. What are you satisfied with? Write these down. Be sincerely grateful for this. Focus your energy on this, because after all, this is what you created in your life. I repeat: where your attention goes multiplies and multiplies.

By doing this simple practical exercise and writing down the answers, you are already changing your energy. The energy is already doing its work to improve or heal your inner currents.

Good luck,


Petra van den Berg


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