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Addiction in relation to Happiness & Success!

My daily motivation and passion is the item energy and how applying and integrating the universal laws can positively affect our lives. I do this from the point of view of awareness and recognition of the importance of knowledge of energy and universal laws (read: quantum physics).

What does energy do to a person and company and where do we block ourselves and how can we motivate success and happiness? Addiction can negatively impact our self-esteem, relationships and work. Note: addiction and a habit, however, are very close to each other but in reality there is no difference.

As we become aware of our habits, the good and/or bad  (which has a great impact on ourselves and our lives), we are perfectly capable of changing them ourselves.

This is partly because our brain is neuroplastic. Much research has been done on this in recent years. Often the neurological connections are unconscious patterns. We can change our brains and subconscious ourselves, constantly making new neurological connections that support our success and health. One way we can accomplish this is by continuously practicing the desired behavior, training our brain and working on our subconscious.

Our first necessity of life is our search for happiness!

We sometimes hear that we as human beings have a hole in our souls, or an emptiness that has to do with longing for love and happiness. In fact, there are several theories about addiction and especially how it can arise. When everything is going well for us we don’t dwell on it, but when we have setbacks or feel rejection, we often feel a pain in our hearts. However, we want to fill this as soon as possible to feel happiness again. Then we have the physical aspect: what does a bad habit do to the body and health. After a while, the body starts asking for this.

As human beings, we can fill a void in many different ways, such as with money, relationships, food, alcohol, the continuous analysis of things, drugs, television, work, smoking and even with negative thoughts. This gives temporary pleasure. We temporarily feel better, but the emptiness still lurks within ourselves. So we start again after a certain period of time with the respective addiction. Until this becomes a habit and therefore an unconscious pattern. 

In the end, we discover that we are continuously filling a gap and do not dare to face the real confrontation with ourselves. We slowly become aware of ourselves, where we are, or whether we have fallen into a vicious (often a downward) circle . Next comes step 1 and that is recognition and then feeling the desire to want but also dare to give devotion to ourselves. Thirst can only be quenched with ourselves (read: John 4: 13-18). We need to believe in ourselves and we will experience it.

Addiction and corporate values. Do we recognize our behavioral patterns? Business even more successful through change…

Habits and sticking to them with certain beliefs can also be an addiction. Is there negativity and how do we debunk this negative belief. We can better reinforce good habits and reduce bad habits. We don’t need these. Managers play an important role in a company, especially when it comes to manifestation of values, beliefs and corporate values (corporate associations and attributes a company stands for). This in turn affects the culture of the organization.

For a perfect corporate culture, the manifestation of corporate values is essential. Successful companies often deliver collective values (read: cosmic values). However, if acted upon from individual interests and beliefs, chaos comes increasingly close. We should focus on common good and be guided by trust and not distrust. In this way, we prevent stagnation in success and production increase. Many managers are still guided by (old) conditioning. This is also a kind of addiction. We also call it ego steering rather than values steering. To play an active role in order to create a successful transition, managers will need to become more aware of collective values and open to change.


  •  recognition and awareness of behavior and our values (read about them and observe yourself and/or organization).
  • awareness; where is energy flowing or is it blocking somewhere (take stock of your life (and/or organization) so far, what is going well and what is not and what can be improved).
  • how do we feel? Happy and relaxed. Contact with the outdoors; nature?
  • What is your daily activity in life and what about structure and order, do you have nourishing pursuits and thoughts/communications that support body and mind?
  • awareness of what values are essential to ourselves and the company, have you shown your loved ones your interest, respect and appreciation?
  • what actions we can take as human beings to develop, apply and live these values.
  • adopt new behaviors. Lots of practice until it comes naturally and is well integrated: “it’s easier to say no to old behavior than we think.” Every behavior and action affects the whole.

It’s like learning to walk. A child also keeps practicing and does not say “I’m quitting because it just doesn’t work out.” The child keeps going until it succeeds and becomes a habit. Focus on the good energy (or habit). Do it now! Complete focus (dedication) to ourselves is a signal that opens the doors to our desires. Conversely, you will continue to run into walls.  Show surrender, inspiration and stay true to yourself,  your desire and see what happens.

In conclusion.

My tip from the universal laws:

Doing something hesitantly doesn’t work. Do something from a decision made and believe, be committed to the decision and to yourself. If we are committed full of passion to ourselves and a decision made, every cell in our body (our subconscious and consciousness) will work to achieve what we want. Then desired situations are presented to us automatically. Why? Because we are acting in line with one of the cosmic laws and that is “take care of yourself”!

If you would like to be coached in this or get rid of an addiction, contact me for a consultancy or email to make an appointment.

Or if you want to learn more about how energy works in relation to manifesting success & health, order my book.

Wishing everyone wonderful weeks again.

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