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A new revelation about the body

Dear Readers,

A new revelation about the body

Numerous studies have shown that body, mind and life together are one. In fact, our body is a reflection of our mind. A representation of everything you think, feel and know. Unfortunately, we are not always aware of this. We sometimes take care of our car even better than our body. While the body and our health are the most important things in our lives. In fact, the body has everything to do with your ability to create. The fact that we treat our bodies unconsciously is mainly because we have an outdated way of thinking. By this I mean that we believe the body is separate from our thinking, so it has become a habit to ignore the body.

The law of the body

According to the quantum model, everything is energetic. That is, from the deepest level, everything consists of energy and information. In fact, the body is connected to everything. If you are properly attuned to the body you will find that any disturbance in your life is also reflected in your body and is a reflection of your thoughts and beliefs. The body processes data so quickly that it immediately (without you realizing it) estimates the outside world at a certain frequency. Consider the law of unity. This value frequency plays a role in creating new situations in your life at all times. Click through to the law of energy. So this law of success says that alignment of your body with your mind is the most important part of consciously creating desired events. While this very component is most often ignored.

The law of the body is about how everything you think or see is linked to the energy frequency deep within you. So your physical and mental states are completely connected. It is a unity. After all, the world is within yourself, or your inner world, and the flow in the physical body is literally in sync with the outer world. That is why really learning to feel and listen is so important to finding the source of discomfort.

Stepping back for a moment

I will now go back to the basics first. The human model consists of a mind and a body. The body includes organs, a nervous system, respiratory system, digestive system, immune system, bloodstreams, muscles, joints, brain and memory. In short, the body consists of 50 trillion cells. That is quite an organization in itself. You are born from a fruit created by two beings (your parents). This creates relationships with the environment and certain attitudes and a self-image are developed by your environment, society and society. You are, as it were, created in a moving universe, which is, as it were, identical to the body in which everything also moves. Consider growth and development. These rhythms are the same rhythms that flow in life and universe.

Our body, like our inner world, is directly connected to the so-called quantum field. It is one self-organizing world or energy field. Another time I will go into this in more detail.

Recent information within epigenetics and neuroplasticity shows that all breakthroughs in health are due to experience and science. If you are interested in this read Dr. Dawson Church’s book Your Genius GenesorDr. Joe Dispenza’s book You are the Placebo. Continuous innovation, research and further deepening make man ever more curious: something can always be better, more efficient, more effective and more conscious.

I also refer to a source document: psp-832261.pdf. In it you can read that Yale scientists found that people with a positive attitude live significantly older (at least 7 years) than people who had a negative outlook on life. In fact, this positive attitude goes directly into your body cells. For 23 years, more than 600 people were followed to measure the impact of positive attitudes on longevity.

Everything interacts with each other

Imagine that you can think of the body as a receiver of information tuned to all kinds of different frequencies. The better you are in touch with or attuned to the body the better you can use the body as the main support in your life. We ourselves generate certain energy through the conscious deployment of our thoughts and beliefs. However, at the same time, the physical body maintains a close relationship with the brain and thus with life (quantum field). For example, in the case of stress when our brain sends the abundance of emotions to our organs. Our organs record these emotions in our cells (tissues). This causes physical discomfort. Thus, the body may become dysregulated and symptoms may develop in the bladder or liver that cause cystitis, headaches, restlessness or fatigue. And because everything consists of one field, it also causes disturbances or stagnations in your (business) life. Everything is energetic and interacts with each other.

Ask yourself the following:

What is your lifestyle? Do know that every metabolism is unique. However, consider what foods and activities energize you. Are you regularly active during the day? Think exercise, walking, cleaning: any exercise is good. What are you taking in with your diet? (toxins, acidifying food and drink?) and what effect, if any, does this have on your emotions? (anger, frustration, resentment, sadness, stress, not setting boundaries, not enough relaxation?). What are you letting in through your mental attitude? Do you have physical discomforts? What are your limiting beliefs and thoughts?

Remember, there have been many studies proving that a complete reversal can occur in diseases when people knew how to reverse their mindset (attitude and behavior). This reversal has been decisive for healing and a better life.

In conclusion

Thoughts, feelings, the past, emotions and expectations are energy waves vibrating at a certain wavelength. These wavelengths connect with like-minded waves and create different situations (or always one and the same situation). You understand that – if you have changed your frequency (your thoughts) – you will start transmitting different information and with this information you also directly influence your body cells and genes. Your body cells fully assimilate into your new values.

Why not use our inner strength to fully optimize our health?

Next week you will have a case study and practical example related to this law.

See you soon.

I am for health and success, are you?

Good luck and take good care of yourself.

Petra van den Berg
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