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A good choice!

PMC - blog choicesMaking decisions can be quite difficult. Not making a decision can cause doubt. By doing so, you are also throwing doubts into the cosmos, to which life will respond again and keep you in a vicious circle. Delve into the precepts that bring blessing. More importantly, apply them. You cannot fool the laws of the cosmos. Saying something but acting differently is counterproductive.

When there is doubt or when you also have a plan B in your mind for your goal, you will get plan B and not plan A. This is because our unconscious being is so strong that life  responds precisely to it. So be consistent with your decision, wherever or wherever it is. The energy from which you take a decision or action for the decision will determine its outcome.


two people make the same decision, then different results come from this. The decision to take action may bring success and joy to some while bringing doubt and disappointment to others. This is because in terms of emotion, one exudes self-assurance, fun, inspiration and confidence. The other most likely in terms of emotion, fear, doubt or insecurity or selfishness. Each of these energies attracts blockages or, on the contrary, opportunities. Important in this is that the underlying energy of an action decision (read: the unconscious) is even more important than the words or actions associated with it. In short, the “feel.”

Do you recognize this:

Weighing and weighing what to do, making lists with advantages and disadvantages, analyzing, talking but not doing, searching the Internet about the subject, flight behavior in order not to confront yourself … Meanwhile, we keep putting off the decision to take action. This unconsciously creates insecurity, fear and flight behavior. Subsequently, sabotage (read: unconscious) arises from this. Fear sabotages your decisiveness. We thereby create a blockade which causes us to focus energy on fear that things will not work out, fear what others will say, or that we will lose people etc. In short sabotaging fear is not a good counselor. “It is not because it is difficult that we do not dare to make a decision, but because we do not dare, it is difficult to make a decision to take action.” Indeed, not making a decision is also a choice, it is one where you give the helm to others and let others determine the circumstances of your life. Is this going to bring you what you want? How would you feel if you took responsibility for your decision and its consequences? Wouldn’t this make you stronger? Staying in control…. How great that feels.

Are you also stepping out of your comfort zone? Which zone may not even be that comfortable anymore even though it is old and you like to cling to it. Or do you want to create a new situation? Which may give you space and freedom. A decision is not as final as we think. Should it really disappoint then you can choose again. Every decision and choice is reviewable.

Some tips:

1. First, gather information about your possible plan to stick to your decision.

2. Make decisions in line with your values, this makes it easier for you to make a decision because you stay close to yourself.

3. List, the pros and cons: – what will I have to let go of – what will this decision bring me – what outcome will be the worst possible – what will I have to do myself in terms of actions – what will happen if I continue to live or work the way I do now? – what happens er if I radically make this decision – knots will give freedom after this matures.

Why I mention all of the above? I myself worked as a professional coach for many years and still do. I traveled extensively before this and gave weekly (TV) interviews. It all went smoothly in my passion to live. Then through a confluence of circumstances and through fear I lost sight of myself c.q. my passion and even a little from the heart. I ended up in a vicious cycle in terms of living patterns and in a kind of addiction.

(Read, under addiction can fall from anything: television, sleep, addiction to the familiar, research and analysis, sports, relationships, food, shopping, sex, escape behavior, smoking, drugs and alcohol etc. More on this in a future article).

Then my business continued but my focus was anywhere but where it belonged. Until I made a decision. The decision was: I am only going to pursue my passion from my business, share insights with others and live up to the precepts as much as I can and I am going to quit addiction.

In short, “Turning the helm.” Next came directly all kinds of situations and new opportunities on my path (such as coaching, among others applications through overseas) that reinforced and validated this decision because I was so convinced of my decision and it felt right, just as in a liberation an “anything is possible feeling”. “The decision created space, confidence and courage so that new possibilities could emerge.” This is partly because I made this decision through my conscious brain, but most importantly through my unconscious. I thought from my feelings and acted from my heart. The unconscious mind is so much stronger than our conscious mindset which is mainly based on facts and logic. Scientific research confirms this.

I myself worked a lot on my unconscious so that these parts once again aligned with my conscious mindset and desire. Our unconscious is independent, fully in action and often purposeful. Our behavior, before we are aware of it, is completely influenced by the unconscious. Our unconscious intention and/or goals can sometimes cause inner conflict because they conflict with each other. We are, as it were, continuously accompanied by an invisible but a primal partner, whose motives can both support us but also be disruptive. An essential part of personal growth is working with the unconscious. That’s why I regularly work with clients (and myself) on the unconscious mind. This works both positively for business and private purposes.


When faced with an important decision, use your gut feeling/unconscious/hunch then well intuition and let it speak with you. Then sleep on it overnight, feel how your body reacts (calm or restless) and make a decision . In this way you will create more balance between your heart and head.

I wish everyone a wonderful week.

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