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A complicated file or can it be simpler?

A complicated file this pandemic or can we make it simpler?

Too much outside information brings chaos into our lives. We have all created a world that is chaotic and perhaps even unpredictable for most! Nonetheless, we always have an opportunity as well as a choice to reduce illness and a major financial crisis. I rely on the guidelines of the central government, but also on my own experiences and thinking, on the ironclad laws of success that are always at work and on my intuition. With this, I consciously reject negativity and toxic information and strive daily for inner peace, wisdom, balance and health. It is a complicated file this coronavirus pandemic. The fearful economy, hostility, anger and stress: they are all toxins to the body and the world.

We cannot circumvent this pandemic but we can accept it and give it a new direction. It is an opportunity to address problems in a different way. What do we have available now to use and work on immediately? What is always present? Our behavior and inner strength? Look inside, what do you see? Boundless thoughts and feelings that we can all use ourselves to optimize our quality of life. This power we all control. Reverse your fears and consciously focus on thoughts (images and visions) that you would like to see in your future. In fact, our thoughts have an energetic charge. This means that everything including our thoughts and emotions are made up of energy. What you do with your energy determines all the results you experience.

Imagine everyone happy and healthy, working together and a healthy economy. In this way, you draw a healthy life expectancy into your life.

Simpler: Repetition the means to create awareness

I repeat a lot in my articles and in my new book: cause is mind (thoughts, beliefs and emotions) and consequence is our life situation. When we consciously change the energy within ourselves, we change our life situation, or reality. It remains a fact and an essential condition that you want and need to take responsibility and control yourself. Inner work should be a central objective and firm policy in every organization and country. Pooling energy, for example, in an organization works very powerfully: in fact, working together works like a snowball effect. When energy flows in one good direction it becomes bigger and bigger and this loving positive strong energy will spread like an oil slick across our country.

A few suggestions:

✍ Don’t make yourself busier than necessary, because restlessness creates stress, and stress is the root cause of illness and crisis.

✍ Submit to guidelines (such as social distance, mouth masks and current advisories). Should this be difficult for you ask yourself the following: why would you oppose it? To create even more inner conflict within yourself? Who are you hitting with that? Going into battle adds nothing: according to the quantum model, you are only affecting yourself by feeding your own emotions negatively. In fact, you are working against nature.

✍ It is time for self-care and that really starts with yourself: healthy thoughts and emotions: this will also help strengthen your immune system. Use intentions and affirmations to strengthen your immune system. “I deserve to feel joy” and “My immune system is strong.

✍ Be kind and have compassion, empathy, respect, fellow eyes for others (and yourself) work together and think I the term: how can I help.

✍ Leave another person’s opinion with the other person and do not condemn them. Consider the law of mirrors: everything you send into the unified field in energy and thought or judgment you get back yourself. In fact, our inner system works like an algorithm. Like that with google something appears on your screen through an algorithm. In fact, our inner strength works the same way. Wherever you focus your attention on something specific it appears in your life.

✍ Healthy diet and exercise (sports). Check below the law of the body:

✍ Be grateful for what you have and that you exist and live: be grateful for the smallest things. Gratitude creates miracles.

✍ Do mind/body work (positive behavior change, use meditation and breathing exercises).

✍Pray for the world with a focused driven joyful intention. After this, check the law of unity: connected to each other. Our undercurrent does the work and takes over automatically.

✍ Live in the present, talk to your subconscious: ‘I am taking control. My emotions are loving and my body is vital and joyful’ (or becoming more vital and joyful).

You too can do it! I can’t make it any simpler.

Good luck, stay safe and take good care of yourself and others!

Warm regards,

Petra M.C. van den Berg


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