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This section lists the questions posed to the Q&A with the answers given to them. This will give any interested person a better understanding and picture about the experiences, results and effects in applying MultiLaws and the Quantum teachings.

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Quantum theory is a theory, skill AND a way of life. You are going to fully integrate within yourself the notion that we are all part of an infinite invisible energy field. In fact, you learn that your personal energy is your most important tool to use to change or solve something in your life. This energy field, which contains all realities, is always responding to our feelings and thoughts. It is a skill to learn to harness your inner quantum mind as a technique and use this most important natural factor to optimize your life. Quantum is designed for people who want to grow in self-knowledge and develop themselves into the best version of themselves. One can use it to solve problems and take control of one’s life. The MultiLaws (quantum laws) teach you to “live quantum” and apply them as a way of life. These laws can completely reverse everything in your life.

Quantum means that everything is made up of energy and information. With this, you get to work.

Most people are preoccupied with the outside world. An example: you don’t think you’ll be happy until you get that new coat or go on vacation. However, these are moments of happiness caused by something outside you and by what your senses determine. It’s a memory you have that makes you think things like a new coat or vacation make you happy.

The quantum field is something that lives inside and outside all of us. It is a field in which new possibilities, information and energy are contained. The quantum field is reality because it allows us to create new worlds. The quantum field is also called the field of consciousness, a field in which we all live and which lives fully within us. This field indicates that we are all connected to each other in unity. We can begin to consciously work with this in order to resolve health, emotions, such as fears or self-destructive behaviors, and a variety of other problems.

Deepening information about how quantum and MultiLaws works is important for your brain and meditation, because the new information you discover through this expands your awareness a little in itself and changes your biology. Your brain, therefore, using the approaches in quantum meditation, may be able to create a new future creation for you even more quickly and easily.

You feel immediate results. However, in some cases it takes a little longer before you see or experience results. This also depends on the person themselves, the more receptive you are and the more you delve into quantum and MultiLaws, the easier it is to permanently change something in yourself.

One individual consultation lasts approximately 70 minutes.

Yes, for example, you can apply the law of intention to others. You only have to think good about the other person with an intention. You can convey this even more strongly by meditating or thinking powerfully about someone. Indeed, from the quantum point of view, distance and time do not exist and everything (conscious and unconscious) is connected to each other. That is, when you have healing thoughts about another person, this immediately enters the other person unconsciously and sometimes even consciously. Because what you think about, that’s where you are.

MultiLaws are multipurpose laws, for happiness in business and private. Every law is part of the quantum field, of the multiverse and (world) law. This comprehensive law is much broader than just a set of laws. Cases (case law), universal legal doctrine, investigations, experiences, scientific evidence and substantiation, integration techniques are also sources of law and are covered by MultiLaws.

Science is needed so that one can also have an opportunity to understand how it works, what they do and why they do it.

MultiLaws are laws derived from the teachings of the quantum world, depth of mind, neuroplasticity, our nature and life experiences. Using the MultiLaws, say laws, you will be supported in today’s. The laws always lead to growth, development and evolution.

If you learn about the different laws, study them and start learning how to apply them excellently, you will come to understand the laws and the quantum field faster and better. As a result, your brain will connect to quantum energy more quickly and easily. This is because it receives new information and therefore increases awareness. So you can apply the laws more easily through integration and brain techniques. Following that, you will create powerful new experiences. In this way, you become not only happy, but also a magnet for success in any field.

Through laws and our focused creation energy, everything is in a specific relationship and frequency with each other in vibration (connection). By applying the teachings of MultiLaws, you will gain access to the field of all possibilities (the quantum field). Certain branches of science also call it nature field, unified field or divine field. Petra also calls the field “your expanded self,” because you yourself are part of it. Through MultiLaws, you learn to open access to the energetic field. Then you can focus on another level of consciousness, where new possibilities and solutions await you. In doing so, I use various brain techniques in my consultations, such as EE, EFT, EDMR, Trance coaching, brain synchronization, TM meditation, so that you can access the field even more easily. Beforehand, we create a strategic plan together.

Quantum is used to achieve change in your life, mainly to create a new reality. It is also used to change feelings, thoughts and behaviors. It is also used, with good results, to combat or relieve disease, pain, addictions (think smoking or food addiction), burnout, stress, relationship problems and conflicts, and to optimize your (business) life. It’s about making change in the subconscious and breaking through the subconscious. We do this by connecting to the quantum field.

Quantum theory actually comes from quantum physics. Quantum physics is about principles, about consciousness, nature and energy. Development began in the early 20th century. From this, quantum theory emerged over the years. From quantum theory, the MultiLaws then emerged, the laws that lead to growth and evolution at all times.

So much research has been done and so many verifiable and measurable results have been obtained that we can speak of a science. The studies all demonstrate knowledge that is (has been) important to other scientists. All studies contributed to scientific knowledge about quantum and provide a refreshing recent theorization of quantum. In addition, so much quantum knowledge and human knowledge has been accumulated and experienced that you may attribute this to science.

A number of laws apply here. For example: the law of imagination. Simply put, you are going to create and imagine a new self-image in which you do not smoke. This image will start to become so strong that it cannot help but recondition your body as a result and you will make yourself a non-smoker. As a result, you will no longer have a craving for smoking. Smoking will no longer suit you.

The law of connection is the domain where we use old information to capture new information in the brain. The connection principle is actually a law that says that when we learn new information, it is linked to old information. So we use old information about burnout to make new information our own and understand it. This reuses old circuits in the brain to expand and build new ones. Your memories are exploited, so to speak, to make new memories. The burnout has become familiar to you; you are going to use this familiar information to learn new (unfamiliar) information and make it your own. This will create new forms of thoughts that will support you in coming out of burnout. Eventually, you are going to use the new connections stored in your brain to create a new, energized, vital you.

For people with stress, it is important to realize that when they think about stress, a neurological network in the brain is continuously activated that works in conjunction with stress.

Also, there is an emotion attached to stress, due to the experience from which the stress once arose. So when one keeps thinking about stress, you are like a vicious circle feeding the stress with this thought creating the same stress reality all the time. You continue to lock stress into your life and it becomes a conditioning in your body. In fact, the way it works is that as long as you keep thinking the same thing, feeling the same thing, and as long as you keep behaving the same way, you thereby keep creating the same familiar reality. In this context, stress weakens you more and more. More and more stress hormones are produced and stress becomes chronic. Subsequently, these hormones activate the body’s survival mechanism and this creates more and more imbalance with and removal from the field, as well as with the brain. Stress can even turn off the prefrontal cortex, that part of the brain involved in decision making, social behavior, planning and emotional development. As a result, you cannot relax, even on vacation. In the long run, this will cause disease.

When you start consciously applying quantum through the law of imagination and the law of inner peace, you can think yourself better and healthier. When you consciously create a healthy representation of yourself with an accompanying joyful emotion, you produce new patterns in the quantum field. This means that through the new thoughts, beliefs and a representation of your new self, you create new electrical charges and through your new heightened emotion, you create new magnetic fields, emitting new, personal energy. This energy will wire new neurons in your brain, new brain circuits are created, releasing new chemicals into the body. This will also positively activate and change your stress gene.

Through quantum learning you gain more self-confidence because you gain self-knowledge which is all-important, and through this you learn that only you yourself are in control of directing, changing or optimizing your life. Through this self-knowledge, you develop immeasurable self-confidence. In addition, you will find that it has a positive effect on your self-esteem and your confidence in life in general.

With quantum meditation and the MultiLaw: the law of inner peace.

Petra calls them laws because they are rules that always apply, from the level of quantum they always lead to self-knowledge, growth, healing and evolution. They are the field and are part of the quantum field.

They are designed to get a grip on your life and on your thoughts, feelings and emotions. You will learn how to work with your brain to effectively use your brain for happiness, so that you optimize your (business) life with peace and success. The laws are meant to give you a guideline and guidance on how to positively change your life.

Yes, because you learn to use your available potential. As humans, we use only 10% of our potential. By applying MultiLaws, you will learn how to make 100% use of latent potential.

Yes, you are going to feel calmer and more relaxed. You gain confidence in yourself and in life. And as you apply quantum every day, it feels more and more natural and you feel more and more complete, grateful and happy.

Absolutely, the laws will certainly optimize the company’s results.

The fact remains that we do need to apply. Taking action is essential to successfully making a change in ourselves and in our lives. You cannot change if you remain stuck in the familiar and in your comfort zone. The effect of the law of action is that you begin to see and experience new results and possibilities in your life.

Yes, you will develop a different behavior, desired positive behavior.

Yes, you may. Quantum works as a placebo. It is essential that you believe in placebo. Everything you believe, or the suggestion you believe in, always becomes your reality. Whether you are right or wrong. This is because the following MultiLaw always applies: ‘mind takes precedence over matter, medicine, DNA, genes and situations.’ This means that everything – including the aforementioned – is created from the level of the quantum field. This means: from the level of energy and information. You will understand that from this level also everything can be healed. So from the level of pure energy and consciousness.

No, these are two different states of consciousness. However, the confusion is understandable. In both, you are going to turn your attention inward. In quantum, you are going to connect with the quantum field especially consciously. Petra also calls this “extended self. And a hypnotic trance is a form that is used in a motivated way to get purposeful suggestions accepted at an unconscious level, thus allowing them to better materialize. With both forms you go to the alpha and/or theta state.

Quantum is open to everyone. Everyone has this potential available. It is important to get good at quantum and learn to use it and learn how best to apply the laws so that you also start to feel, experience and see the effects in the outside world. However, people with huge egos and prejudices often have difficulty concentrating or focusing on quantum meditations. But once this person has broken through his/her ego, she/he also comes to her/his available potential.

You don’t necessarily have to believe in it. It will make it easier, though. This is why Petra believes it is so important that you also understand what you are doing and why. Because if you understand quantum and its laws and also understand how energy works, it is much easier for you to implement and change it. With self-knowledge you gain inner strength. And with learning something new, you will gain deep insights and with that you will already expand your consciousness. However, it remains essential that you want to change or optimize something in your life by applying quantum or the MultiLaws.

Energy vibrates at certain heights. High vibrations include: pure nourishment, helpfulness, love, strength, joy, authenticity, empathy, respect, joy, granting, appreciation, peace, being content, non-judgment, standing for who you are, peace, patience, fitness, gratitude. Low vibrations and low thinking patterns include: fatigue, resentment, not liking, being skeptical, judging, heavy feeding, thinking what others think, feeling resistance, fear, fear of negative feedback or not getting recognition, frustrations, brooding, greed, anger, sadness, down, insecurity. I refer you to Dr. David R. Hawkins’ website for an impressive in-depth look at the heights of vibrations as well as emotions.

Frequency is tuning to a particular vibration, or vibration. Frequencies of ourselves are determined by how we think as well as how we feel. Feeling is a very important vibration. This is a result of your thoughts, conditionings AND beliefs. In short, what you see is a mirror of your own vibration (inner currents also consist of energy). Our sensory stimuli (hearing, smelling, tasting and seeing) pick up what we live internally. We look through glasses and see only what matches (resonates) with our beliefs, unconscious blueprint, expectations, thoughts and energy. So the only part you see and can see is your inner experience ánd energy state, but then transformed into a life situation. It is what you think is possible and believe and what you expect. All other opportunities and potentials thus remain. Therefore, if you want to adjust your reality, you must first adjust something in yourself in order to solve problems. That’s why Petra always says, ‘Your inner self is your reality. The completeness of everything is seated within ourselves.’

This law basically says that we can create in our lives only that which is equal to the energy and vibration we emit about ourselves. That is, everything we experience, think and live inside connects us to others and situations that hold a similar vibration. After all, everything and everyone is a reflection of ourselves. Life, or the universe, responds directly and absolutely to what is on the inside (conscious and unconscious) of a person. This relies on the principle of quantum physics that everything and everyone projects energy every second. The universe is filled with vibrational energy. This all-encompassing energy moves within us, in our bodies and outside us, around us. Consciously and unconsciously, we are all part of this magnetic energy, working every second to make your thoughts and emotions a reality.

No, that is not possible. However, you will bring the fruits, such as calmness and gratitude and a peaceful feeling, into your daily life.

Quantum is very appropriate and effective for organizations.

You remember everything that happens because you are basically reprogramming yourself. This you will consciously feel and experience, and thus remember.

In quantum, we distinguish between pure, pure consciousness (the field), everyday consciousness and the subconscious. The subconscious mind is where emotions, traumas, ego, memories, habits, patterns and behaviors are nestled. They are often conditioning that we float on and are not aware of. When I bring you into a quantum meditation, the intention is to break through the subconscious mind. It does happen that people hold back during the first sessions and do not surrender completely. The body then struggles, for example, or one lingers on certain thoughts that cause an inner struggle. Those thoughts tell, for example, to quit the session, or think about that day’s busy schedule. At some point, after several rehearsals, this changes. The body surrenders, and simultaneously something is set in motion mentally. Then surrender to the process follows. When that happens, one reaches a higher consciousness, where moving and awe-inspiring energy is experienced. If you have, this space within yourself can feel like coming home.

Quantum and information fields are energy fields and it is the same field as the consciousness field. There are several names for it. In accordance with Albert Einstein’s research and experiments, it appears that electrons gain and lose energy. Spontaneous links were made between matter, mind and consciousness. The energy and information field is an invisible field that is entirely self-contained. You just can’t see them or touch them, but you can become aware of them.

As human beings, we are constantly engaged with the outside world. Think about other people, situations, body and ego. This is where our attention is and so that shows exactly where your energy is and flows to. This means that you are only concerned with the past and with daily patterns, time and habits. That is, you cannot build a future, at least not based on the past, limitations and energy, because this is where your energy flows away from you.

Research by Dr. Joe Dispenza shows that where your attention is, your energy is. It is a waste to focus all your energy outward. This leaves so much latent potential.

So when you turn your attention inward and separate yourself from three-dimensional reality – think: matter, other people and objects – you place your energy inward. And then that’s where your energy is. You completely detach yourself from the outside world. This brings you closer and easier to the quantum field. In fact, this field exists on another level of consciousness. You learn to perceive the field with your consciousness, so you learn to connect with this field. And that’s where the change process starts.

This law says you can create anything, you can be who you want to be or manifest anything you want. This law always works. Only when you learn to apply this law consciously will you also learn to come to another level of consciousness. From this new level of consciousness, you learn to connect with the quantum field. The field of frequency, information and energy, where possibilities and opportunities are contained. You are going to connect with your expanded self. Your senses are completely shut off, so you are no longer separated. This will make you feel complete and loving. You will experience connectedness with everything and everyone. This law says everything is already there. Exactly at the moment of connection you can consciously create something new through this quantum law.

According to quantum theory, problems and setbacks originate either from our subconscious or from another level of consciousness. Simply put: daily you think about your problem in exactly the same way. This is because your brain is programmed so that certain thoughts, people, situations or things are continuously associated with the specific problem, or to the past. With the specific thought (memory) of the problem that constantly comes up, comes a matching negative emotion, and each emotion is a chemical end product of past experiences. That emotion is so strong that your attention goes there and therefore you only magnify and hold the problem. You confirm the problem by drawing your attention to it. In this way, you are constantly repeating, feeding and creating your problem daily. Your energy to create gives you away to the problem in question. This means that your energy flows away, when you could be using this very energy to create something new or to make a body healthy. So when you learn to retrieve your energy and you learn to come to another higher level of consciousness where the problem does not exist, you are creating a solution. You learn this through quantum theory. This way you solve your problem.

Image power is so powerful that it is above matter. Indeed, image also consists of information and energy, the same energy and information as the quantum field. When we consciously fully formulate and imagine an image, and feel a corresponding elevated emotion with it, you become a beacon of an electromagnetic energy. This means that you are close or connected to the quantum field, the field in which all possibilities are contained. And here also resides the new possibility of your consciously created image. You just have to align yourself with it.

An emotion is an energy that moves. If you have the same negative feelings and emotions daily, you create the same pattern daily that confirms these negative feelings and emotions. Namely, this pattern produces energy at a certain frequency and transmits it into the quantum field. Because this signal comes from an incoherent (disordered) brain and level of consciousness, it does not help create something new or a new healthy pattern. Energy only decreases and weakens. As a result, in your daily life, your energetic frequency is weaker, making it difficult to create a new, lasting healthy pattern. When you apply quantum techniques properly and understand that all possibilities and therefore new patterns in the quantum field already exist, you can develop a permanent new pattern from this science. This is why quantum is the way to create something positive and a new effect in your life. You learn to go to another level of consciousness where your old patterns are already dissolved.

This is preferred. It is common knowledge that everything starts with ourselves, with our personal energy. That is, you create your own reality based on your state of being: your current frequency. Your frequency is something you yourself generate and produce and transmit every second. You do this through your feelings, as these are generated by ongoing thoughts and then your feelings lead to a certain behavior. This together causes an electromagnetic field. Feelings are connected to the heart as well as to the quantum field. Thoughts are electrically charged. The specific electromagnetic charge resonates with a certain information and energy in the quantum field. This has an essential effect on your organization and staff. This affects all levels of your organization. And when this happens, you are unconsciously drawing the other layers of your organization into this positive energy. This will always have a positive effect because higher energy always absorbs lower energy.

Yes, you certainly can. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do. People in law, education, politics, marketing, business people, housewives, real estate agents, all have experienced positive effects. They are passionate about taking their own specialty to the next level and multiplying success.

Quantum can certainly be your solution. The difference between certain therapies and quantum is that we go directly to the problem and focus on the solution from there. We do this by applying MultiLaws, integrating and experiencing quantum techniques. With quantum techniques and some theory about the MultiLaws, you will understand and experience that it is all within yourself to bring about a solution. The solution lies at another level of consciousness, and that is exactly what quantum is about. When you start realizing this, you cause a transformation in your relationship even faster, because the information you take in allows your brain to function optimally. You train by quantum the brain to make the solution work efficiently in supporting your conflicts to be resolved. Here the law of forgiveness will play an important role.

Yes. In fact, you have to become a different person to create a different reality. I’m going to explain this to you in more detail: something only happens in the quantum field when you change neurologically, genetically and chemically. So you need to change your hardware, otherwise you will remain (unconsciously) stuck in the past. And through the past you and your present personality continually create the same future, and that is exactly what you don’t want. So you have to change your thoughts, emotions and feelings that live in you. This causes you to consciously change your energy, and this is exactly the communication link to the quantum field. As a result, the quantum field will respond to you and bring you the events that resonate with your new energy. In short, you have to get a different personality to create a different reality, because reality always corresponds to the person you are.

With regard to your anxiety, you can ask yourself if you really want to change, or if you prefer to stay in your comfort zone. Both are allowed, but if you really want to change something in your life, Petra advises you to work on your anxiety. Quantum and MultiLaws can well help you first change your fear to calmness and confidence.

An intention is important because it sets the whole process in motion positively. If you know with a determined intention what you want to change and what you do want to experience in your life, the power of this intention and thoughts will naturally produce the corresponding emotions. Subsequently, this changes your chemical state, and also changes your neurological circuits. This means reducing and diminishing certain synaptic connections in your brain while creating new connections that support your decision and intention. You even jump to a gene that supports your goals. The MultiLaws the law of genetics and the law of intention apply to this.

With quantum meditation you quiet your brain, you start exploring your subconscious and breaking through to pure consciousness. In other words, through quantum meditation, you bring enough energy into your brain that your brain waves consciously change to alpha waves.

By focusing on breathing and the pineal gland (also known as the third eye) during the beginning of the meditation, you are expanding your awareness on a broader level, completely blurring the line between body (third dimension) and mind (fifth dimension). In fact, the pineal gland is a kind of gateway to the quantum field. Just for your understanding: we all live in the third dimension. That is, we experience life through our emotions, ego and senses. If we end up in the fifth dimension (or other dimensions), we live as nothing and no one in the now. The past, the ego, judgments, matter, time, space and the body are no longer there; you live in the realm of pure consciousness. In this consciousness you experience other dimensions, possibilities and realities.

This world of infinities, in which we all also live, comes from the fact that all possibilities are already there. This is because there are perpetual frequencies in each line, and each frequency carries information. This field, which contains all information and energy and every possibility, you can consciously influence through focus and meditation. Each of us can only perceive ourselves, from our own consciousness, and thereby create a new reality. This means that the meditator, is the observer or observers. The observer observes the new image (thought) with the appropriate emotion. This is a process of observing until you can feel at one with the desired image. After all, something can only come into existence because we perceive it. You feel one and complete with the quantum field. This is the time when energy is available to create something new.

You can also think of it this way: when we do our things in everyday life, we live our predictable, familiar life. We see matter and already know what we are going to do, how we act, how we feel etcetera. We live with our senses based on space and time; our attention is fixed on objects, people and matter.

In addition to this life, we also live in a multidimensional universe. This can also be called “the infinite quantum field. If we consciously detach ourselves from people, matter and objects, only then can we contact the quantum field.

So you have to learn to detach yourself from everything that is familiar to you, break all ties and leave your body, past your ego surrender yourself to the unknown. This is often the hardest thing you have to go through. It is a process, but for everyone to learn.

When you place your attention inward, you connect with energy and information. So this can also be the past. However, when you have detached yourself completely, as mentioned earlier, you connect to the quantum field. The field where there is no separation, but only completeness and awareness. So with quantum meditation, you start to consciously tune into a new informational timeline. A new future that you are eager to create. You are going to focus on a single image idea for a long time.

Before going into a quantum meditation, it is essential to first get clear about exactly what you want to create. This could be about health, or about behaviors you would like to exhibit in the future. Do this along with a lofty emotion, such as joy and gladness. In fact, sensation is a high magnetic energetic energy which causes neurological, genetic, chemical and physical changes. Feeling reprograms your body and brain and therefore you can change your reality. If you bring your intention with an appropriate image and emotion, into the quantum meditation, you will thus place your energy into the future and you can change your body and life. Beforehand, you have completely formulated and visualized this intention for yourself. Remember: the experience is already there and exists as a frequency in the quantum field. Only you have to tune into it, and you can do that through quantum meditation. Next, when you come out of meditation, the trick is to hold on to the new energy and any new YOU.

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