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Coaching, Health and Success 2-day Training.
Conforming and including the book: “Handbook for Universal Prosperity.”
Basic Training.

starts June 18 and July 2, 2016 in NOORDWIJK FROM 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM INCLUDING LUNCH:
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Everyone has inner qualities. Such as courage, joy, understanding or discipline. We’re just not always aware of what we’re all about. In this training we get to know our inner qualities better and bring them to the surface. And we will work on it. For example, we will work on our intuition by learning to listen to our inner signals through which we learn to be more connected with ourselves, our desires and with others.
You will learn in this training that being aware of your own qualities gives much more balance. This makes you a confident leader who continues to grow from his inner strengths. And the organization is growing with it. You are going to find that when you feel good and positive inside, it inevitably leads to being more successful in the outside world. After PMC’s four-day training, you will feel more confident and powerful. You learn to reach your goals from your own strengths.

This two-day training will help you become a contemporary leader
In recent years, due to the financial crisis, many have noticed that leadership focused on short-term, money and prestige does not really work. The leaders of today and of the future operate from conscious leadership. They can think and act outside the boundaries of themselves and the organization. They have leadership that ensures the organization is inspired and at every
situation reacts forcefully and flexibly. To achieve this leadership, PMC developed this four-day training course.

With this two-day basic training, we work on your seven core competencies (or
seven inner qualities?)
To actually become a conscious leader, we develop seven core competencies during the training.

1. Awareness
We focus on awareness through self-knowledge, introspection, reflection and body awareness.

2. Transcendence
We focus on directing the mind in the way inward. To do this, we work on recharging, relaxation, concentration, meditation, letting go, courage and discipline, among other things.

3. Intuition
We focus on our inner navigation system, being able to listen to inner signals. As a result, we develop our inner knowing and learn to be more connected to ourselves and others.

4. Coherence
We focus on our inner harmony, radiating it.We work on strengthening our charisma, our positive influence on others and experiencing appreciation and gratitude of the present moment.

5. Inspiring vision
We focus on developing vision and being able to communicate it. We work on visualization (visions, images, meditation, symbols, dreams) and inner and outer connection.

6. Creative power
We focus on both spiritualizing and materializing. We work on switching easily between the two, taking 100% ownership, firmness, willpower, decisiveness and vitality.

7. Selflessness
We focus on servant leadership. We work on social feeling, connection to higher values and ideals, Transcending the ego, letting go of goals, self-sacrifice and patience.

With this two-day training you will also learn to work with Universal Laws
The Universal Laws can be seen as universally valid rules of the game that form the basis from which man can evolve to a higher consciousness. For example, like The Law of Gender which is about the masculine and feminine side of us, about yin and yang. These functions complement each other and even more strongly, need each other for optimal results. Our balance between masculine and feminine traits is a necessary condition for growth. And so there are many more Universal Laws that we are going to talk about and we will show you how to apply them. Because if you really want to grow in leadership then understanding these laws and using them is a must.

This training is designed for ambitious people who want to grow further as leaders, personally and professionally, with a powerful personality. People who want to be leaders who achieve results by getting the best out of people. Specifically, the training is for you if you:

– ambitious to want to grow, making everything easier to achieve
– Are capable of self-reflection
– Be self-directed and willing to take on challenges.

-You know your own qualities, which you can always fall back on, both professionally and personally. This makes it easier to shift gears, make adjustments to situations and manifest.
-You exert a much stronger and positive influence on your environment.
-You work from your own qualities and thereby achieve that people and desired situations (want to) accommodate you.
-You can apply this knowledge in many situations such as in contact with the people you lead, your social environment, your family life and in changes and in management and board meetings.
-You act on your own, self-developed vision and strengths. It is based on your own personality, your personal values and a sober sense of reality.

This leadership training is based on a personalized approach. Because everyone has their own inner values and will have to start working on their own path. We therefore begin in the first two separate training days with a thorough analysis of one’s own personality. From there, personal further development follows in the various program components. On the third and fourth days, there will be five intensive thematic sessions in the areas of

Leadership – Coaching – Influencing – Strategy – Change. The sessions are challenging and inspiring.

We work with many interactive forms of work. Reflection and practice with practical situations are interspersed. You can also experiment with a different approach and behavior in certain situations, gaining ideas for practice. The maximum group size for this program is 10 – 15 participants.

Location: Noordwijk (between The Hague and Amsterdam)
Price: complete 2-day training 170 euros (including the book “Handbook for Universal Prosperity”
Early booking discount, book before June 1, 2016 then pay 150 euros
Includes: lunch (coffee, tea sandwiches, something sweet and fruit)
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he past few years Petra has built her business and private experience as a consultant through research into new paradigms and in part through assignments with various organizations and service providers. These include banks, government and healthcare institutions and various top corporate organizations. In addition to being a business consultant, Petra also works as a personal coach and provides universally tailored advice.

Core values: solution-oriented, reliable, direct, integrity, analytical, investigative, flexible, commitment, solution- and- result-oriented, innovative, entrepreneurial, coaching, humor and works from a helicopter view. In short, she helps take the company, institution or person to a higher level from the field of intention, energy and intelligence.

Besides business and personal consultant/advisor, Petra is also employable or hireable for various other purposes see her linkedin profile below.

for more information.Petra resume book

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